5 Reasons to Automate Your Time And Attendance

Time and Attendance systems have been around for a while. However, many are inaccurate or require user input. There are a number of products masquerading as Time and Attendance systems that service the Cleaning Industry.

Some are User Reported. If it’s user reported it is just an Electronic Timesheet. As in the Cleaner still tells you which site they are at and just enters in the time they started their shift and the time they finished their shift.

You may be looking at a GPS Based System which is great. But, I don’t know about you, but GPS drains my battery something chronic plus when I’m in the city GPS Signals are highly inaccurate. The other problem, especially for the cleaning industry, is that we often have customers either next to each other, or in the same building. These systems can’t track that I’m moving between floors, or that I’ve gone next door, because GPS does not have that accuracy.

Some more accurate systems use QR Codes, just like we do, but we know that Qr Codes can be gamed. As in you can take a photo of the QR Tag, print it, and it’ll still work as if you were onsite.

However, freshOps has developed a solution so that QR can’t be gamed or cheated, plus if your Cleaner has an Android phone, the Check In via highly accurate NFC Technology similar to how you will Tap & Pay for items with your Mobile.


So why, should we use a Time and Attendance Systems?

The 5 areas Time and Attendance Solutions help your business are:

  1. Security
  2. Safety
  3. Payroll and Reporting Accuracy
  4. Improved T&A Accuracy
  5. Saves you money

Plus your Clients are now asking for it. Don’t believe me check out this extract from a recent National Cleaning Tender in Australia.


Have you ever had the client call the next day or even in the evening and ask if your cleaners are onsite, or what time where they onsite last night? Of course you have. Your customers expect you to know the movements of your staff and by rights you SHOULD know where your staff are. You are the one employing them. Not only does a Time and Attendance System provide security to your clients, but it provides security to your staff.  In many industries these days, it’s inconceivable that employers would now know where their field staff are, no matter what size business you are. As business owners we have a responsibility to our cleaners and our clients to know



Safety and Security go hand in hand as far as Time and Attendance, however, freshOps allows you to add Site Inductions and Safety Information so that team are aware of this info when attending site. We expect you may already have documents around Site Safety, Emergency Procedures etc, when provide a link to them in freshOps so that your team can access them any time.


Payroll and Reporting Accuracy

Ditch the days of collecting Time Sheets via Email, Fax or slipped under the office door. freshOps gathers your Cleaners Time and Attendance from the second they checkin, to the second they leave, including meal breaks and any travel that maybe required between sites. All this info gathered, in ONE place, ready for your Payroll Department.

Improved T&A Accuracy

Ever the heard the saying, “give them an inch and they’ll take a mile”? Well when you ask your cleaners to report their won hours, even the most honest staff will inherently round up. So 1hr 52min rounds up to 2hrs, 4hrs 36min rounds up to 4hrs 45min. It’s natural, and it’s not wrong, they just don’t pay attention to the minutes.

When you have 20 employees working 5 days a week for 3 to 4 shifts a day, have a quick think about how much rounding can effect your business.  We did a very simple case study How Rounding can effect your Bottom Line that looks at this in much more detail.


Saves You Money

Back to the point above, if we can reduce rounding, and provide up to the second Time and Attendance, it means the cream stays in your pocket and not your cleaners pocket.  in an Industry where 81% of your costs are Labour related, why aren’t you locking to save every dollar. We screw our supplies down every other minute, yet cleaning supplies represent only between 2 -5% of our costs.


The Question is?


Can you afford, not to have a Time and Attendance System. I would suggest not.