9 KPI’s to create for your Cleaning Staff

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It's important to create KPI's for your Cleaning Staff; they can increase staff motivation and allow for a means of measuring your staff’s performance. The effectiveness of KPI’s, however lies in their ability to reward those who exceed expectations. 

Therefore, KPI’s have the power to benefit everyone in one way or another. However, for business owners KPI’s can be tricky to navigate and creating KPI"s for your Cleaning Staff can feel like just another thing you have to get to.


Hold on though! What is a KPI? Well for your Cleaning Staff, KPI’s or Key Performance Indicators are those activities we use to evaluate the success of a Team Member.




Done well, KPI’s can provide focus and incentive for your staff members, done poorly and you’ll wish you never attempted. Read on to find out how to adopt a KPI strategy into your workplace properly.

Before you create KPI's for your Cleaning Staff, you need to decide on the best way to get your staff involved and create an incentive that will engage them without making it too easy or offering too much. By ensuring that your KPI’s are part of an employment contract or agreement between you and your staff you can make it more official and set it out properly.


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During your KPI planning process it’s important to consider your financial limits as you decide on your reward system.

Often business owners focus on salary and end of year bonus benefits but this might be extreme depending on the size of your business. Consider your particular staff members and decide on something you believe will motivate them.

KPI Incentive Examples:

  • Movie Tickets
  • Restaurant Vouchers
  • Team Building Event
  • Coles/Fuel Vouchers

The main thing you’ll need to prepare for, is selling the incentive of your choice to your staff members because KPI’s are a matter of what’s in it for everyone involved.



Measurable KPI’s

When developing KPI’s for staff, keep in mind your companies future goals and current values but mostly you need to ensure you can create measurable KPI’s surrounding those things.

KPI’s must be relevant and tangible to your staff, otherwise it gets confusing and can be misleading.



Here are 9 KPI's that can highlight who your best workers are:


  1. Cleaner Attendance - Are they regularly on time to commence work?
  2. Time Onsite - Do they regularly spent the right amount of time onsite?
  3. Task Performance - Do they regularly complete their Task List of Follow the Scope of Works?
  4. Absenteeism - Are they engaged enough in their work to show up?
  5. Quality of Work - What are the Monthly Site Quality Inspection Scores?
  6. Remediation of Work - Are they learning from their mistakes or are you pulling them up on the same thing every other month?
  7. Feedback & Communication - Do they take constructive criticism on board and/or communicate issues well?
  8. Training - Do they regularly engage in Training Opportunities and Seek opportunities to learn
  9. Initiative - Do they take initiative at times when, they need to make decisions.


Decide on all of your overall company goals and analyse your business model; consider how you can get to where you need to go.

Consider financial goals, staff retention targets and anything that is important to your business.

Once you’ve thought about it, write down all of your goals and pick the most important measurable ones.

Define and write down the three to seven most important things and work out how you can measure those things.



How to Make KPI’s Measurable:

  • Decide on 3 - 7 KPI’s. 3 is only just enough and 7 might be pushing it, so somewhere in the middle is perfect.
  • Make them short and easily understood. Keeping them simple, with no complicated wording allows all staff to grasp the concept properly.
  • Make them achievable as well as aspirational.


KPI’s can create a healthy workplace culture if done right. Being able to reward staff by giving them goals to work towards has the power to build a really healthy work environment which can improve the overall success of the business.

Often KPI’s can also highlight the Quiet Achievers in your business. This can valuable as it easy to fall into the trap of leaving our best workers to their own devices and focus all out attention on those that are at the bottom of the scale.

Operations tools help you manage the poor performers in our workplace, but Key Performance Indicators can be critical in managing and supporting our best team members, rather than take them for granted.


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