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Over the last 12 months, we've been working hard to develop brand new mobile apps for your cleaners in the field to support them better and simplify the management of those teams and continue to bring you the best software for cleaning businesses. Our CEO and Founder Martin Callan has put together this quick Intro Video for you.



Watch the Video for all the Ins & Outs of the new mobile apps for your cleaners.






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If you'd like to download the new mobile apps for cleaners, visit the Play Store and Apple Store.





Hey there, Marty founder and CEO of freshOps.

So today, I'm super excited to announce that we are launching our brand new freshOps mobile app, version 2.0.

So these are the result of about 12 months' worth of planning and development, since you know, kind of COVID locked, you know, locked the world down, we commence working on doing some back-end stuff and looking to rebuild our mobile apps from the ground up. So there's a number of new things that I kind of wants to discuss with you today, I won't cover off all of them. But just to give you a bit of a background, a bit of insight into what your team will start to be seeing across the next 24 to 48 hours.

So at 11 o'clock today, we'll be launching these brand new mobile apps. Now, in a lot of cases, if your employees have got their app settings to auto-update, where they will auto-update, we'll also be sending them an Intercom message showing an in-app message to the current mobile apps, prompting them to update to the latest mobile app.

I'll probably also encourage you to maybe send them out an email internally, you know, maybe sometime this afternoon, or even if it's on Monday, to encourage them to go to their particular app stores and update to the latest versions. Now, what can we expect in these latest versions?

Well, we've got a brand new UI in UX design. So UI and UX are user interface and user experience. So we have two mobile apps that look identical, their workflows identical, all the screens are identical. And so that's aimed to help you better support your employees help us support your employees, and really ensure that they'll get up and running quicker than the UI is or the UX has been updated based on, you know, the last two to three years with feedback from employees and our customer support tickets, we've been able to see common things where employees get stuck when they're using freshOps. For the first time, and areas were just day to day, they kind of get caught out. So things like employees will naturally forget to check out sometimes the new mobile apps will have little reminders that remind them to check out towards the end of their shift, and also have some reminders to remind them to check in to shifts based on the scheduled time.

Another very exciting feature is that you know, my path to building freshOps actually came through my investigation of NFC technology, so near field communication, and it's the little chip that we baked inside the freshOps tag.

Now, NFC is exactly the same technology that you see when people are paying for something with their mobile phone, you know, whether you're using an Apple device or an Android device, maybe using Samsung Pay or Google Pay, they're using the NFC chip and your card that's on file to check-in. Now we have now enabled this function and being able to do that, thanks to Apple and some recent updates so that all users, or we're at least expecting maybe 98% of users will then now be prompted just to tap the freshOps tag when they check into the site, they'll no longer need to scan the QR code for most of them.

So if they do have an Apple device or an Android device that has the NFC hardware inside it our apps will now enforce the use of the NFC and so there will be tapping the tag. Now for your team, just in case you start to field some questions from them, maybe send this email through to your supervisors and managers. If they are on an Android phone, the NFC read-up on a phone is in the middle. On an Apple device, it's more towards the top of the device, so they tend to just tap more towards the top there.

So that's very exciting and that's aimed to make freshOps checking, particularly using the freshOps tags more secure. Of course, if your employees have been used to checking in via a simple GPS, or by the verified GPS will nothing will really change for them now still just do that in the normal way as they always have.

Now a couple of additional views on the mobile app, we've kind of broken the apps up into a home view, a calendar view, and a timesheet view. So the home view will have the next couple of days' worth of shifts.

We've also managed to hide or put the late shifts, like from days and days before up in a separate menu just so that they don't get a rolling list of lots of like jobs like they would necessarily in the current apps.

So they can check into a job easily and once they've checked in home screen actually locks off to that particular visit. Then we've got a calendar view so they can go and view a full calendar. Go back historically have a look at the view, but they can also go into the future then, and have a look at what jobs they've got, you know, whether it's a week in advance, or even next month, they can skip ahead and see that kind of information.

We've also then got a timesheet view where they can see their historical timesheet records. So they can see last week's timesheets, they can see the time and attendance records for today and all that information so that they can keep across their own time and attendance. Whether it's just for their own peace of mind, or whether it's for some kind of billing purpose if you've got a subcontractor arrangement going.

Another cool feature that we've got in the freshOps app and is the one that took the longest to master and this was offline functionality. So these mobile apps will actually work for a reasonable amount of time offline. You know, not that we want to encourage employees to be going out to the field with no credit on their phone or going out with iPads or phones with no mobile data. This is more to support them if there are drops in network at some point through their shift or as they're going across their day. So if you've got a cleaner that goes into a basement, or they go into a lift shaft somewhere there, where often you'll drop network, the mobile app will still continue to work, they can still view information, they can still like mark tasks off, take photo verifications, leave comments and do all of that stuff, just like as if they were connected to our servers. Or it may be the case of they work in a rural setting where you know, they might go over that hill and the network drops off the mobile apps will still work or they may be going to a property that has very poor network, as long as they're back onto some kind of network within an eight-hour window, all the mobile apps will still perfectly function.

So that's just a few of the features that we've got.

One other one I'll quickly mention to you is the ability to see the site induction, the site security details, and the tasks all prior to check-in. If you recall on our current mobile apps when an employee wants to view any of that information they have to check into the site first. However, we have now enabled a lot of that information to be viewable before check-in to make sure that your team has all the info that they need prior to actually arriving or checking into their job at night.

Now, we still have some security wrapped around the security details on the site induction, and that's by the employee unlocking that information with either their freshOps pin or the biometrics that are currently on their device. So if they unlock their phone with a thumbprint, the app will just ask them to put their thumbprint on to unlock that information. If they unlock their device with this screen, maybe it's the facial recognition, it'll just look at their face and unlock it. And then they can always if they don't have any of that, it'll just use their normal freshOps pin.

So the last one is those tasks, they will be available to view for your upcoming jobs, you'll be able to click into it and they're also separated into regular tasks and periodical tasks a little bit similar to you see in the web app. So that if the cleaners have got a monthly fridge clean or a periodical item that only occurs and they need special equipment or they need to have a look at their upcoming tasks to check if they need special equipment, well, then they can view this ahead of time as well and they can click across and view regular and periodical tasks on the mobile apps.

So that's a quick wrap-up of what they are. We are going to be sending your team lots of information directly to their mobile devices about these new mobile apps. There's a number of training videos explaining a lot of these changes for them as well. What I would do, is when you send that internal email or message across to your team to tell them about the new updates, maybe also ask them to ensure that they watch the video content and read content that we will be sending to them as part of, you know, this rollout. Because it's important that they understand the changes and the last thing that we want to do and yourself you want to do is support, you know calls and emails from your employees on stuff that they would have learned had they watched that content. Okay, so that's really important as well to make sure that these apps roll out with the utmost you know, or the simplest possible way. So thank you very much for your time today. Really excited about these launching later on in the day or actually by the time this comes out it may have what they were may have already been launched.

Look forward to your feedback and supporting your team with these are brand new mobile apps.

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