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How to Systemise your Cleaning Business in 30 Days without a Spreadsheet or Paper Checklist


How to easily collect your Customers Christmas Closures

Operations Efficiency, Team Management

So I was speaking to a user the other day and they were talking about their Christmas closures and they were having quite a lot of trouble or, you know,...

[NEW] Streamline your Payroll with Xero Integration

Growth, Operations Efficiency, Team Management

We've just launched freshOps Payroll Xero Integration.  

Send your proposal fast to win Cleaning Contracts


A lead calls or submits a form, you respond quickly book in a Onsite Inspection to discuss their Cleaning Services and you then take a day or two to get...

Why your cleaning business is losing out on $1000s of Dollars


  We are not immune to forgetting completely about old leads and clients that we've dealt within our Cleaning Businesses.

5 Strategies to help retain Cleaning Staff

Staff Engagement

  Retaining Cleaning Staff doesn’t always have to be about financial reward and constant supervision. If you plan properly and utilise digital...

25 Questions to Help you Interview Cleaning Staff

Staff Engagement

The recruitment process for cleaning staff is different to the recruitment process for a lot of other roles. As cleaners are often hired with little...

9 KPI’s to create for your Cleaning Staff

Staff Engagement

  It's important to create KPI's for your Cleaning Staff; they can increase staff motivation and allow for a means of measuring your staff’s performance....

Create your Cleaning Staff Responsibilities

Staff Engagement

We all know how difficult it can be to come up with clearly defined and easily understood responsibilities for staff members.

Cleaning Schedules for Staff

Staff Engagement

  Cleaning schedules aren’t always easy to coordinate and can, at times, turn into a confusing jumble of dates, names, tasks and times.