Clean NZ

Clean NZ, Auckland

We’ve recently returned from New Zealand’s Premier Cleaning Exhibition Clean NZ which we thought was an excellent event.

It was really great to see New Zealand’s Commercial Contract Cleaning Industry in all it’s glory too. On the Thursday night we also attended the BSCNZ’s CleanSweep Awards Night. It was an absolute pleasure to meet so many businesses, really achieving great things in their local markets and also a few of the National Players leading the way.


We teamed up with the wonderful Lisa McQueen for the Cleaning Marketer and held a Stand at the expo, with a really great response to freshOps and the systems that the Cleaning Marketer can create. The thing we found was amazing, was with most of the businesses in NZ already had or were looking for a Time and Attendance Solution. So it was wonderful to have conversations about how freshOps does Time and Attendance better, rather than trying to shine the light on why a Time and Attendance system was so important.

Many of the businesses understood that Time and Attendance was important to reduce their costs and manage what is effectively, 80% of their overheads. While many did have a T & A Solution, they loved the fact that freshOps did not finish there. The Task Management piece was very well received and many agreed, that they never lost clients for failing to deliver daily services.  More often, it was the periodicals that got skipped or forgotten that lost contracts.

Growing your Business in the Digital Age

Mark Jones, one of the freshOps Co-Founders presented on stage about Growing your cleaning business in the digital ageMark discussed how small to medium sized businesses in all categories are challenged by the difficulty in winning and keeping business in the digital age. In this session he educated the audience with how to navigate the digital age and left them with some tips on how to navigate these changes.

We then meet many attendees afterwards keen to not only speak to us, but to chat to Lisa also about getting my clients in the door, and then using tools like freshOps to keep them happy.

We had read plenty of posts and articles about New Zealand’s love for innovation and technology, and the attendees at Clean NZ did not disappoint.

If you didn’t make it to see us at the show, we will be back next year for sure, but also hit us up for a freshOps demo. Mark and Martin our Co-Founders love to jump online and chat to cleaning businesses about freshOps and the troubles they have managing their teams in the field, and really enjoy meeting the people driving our industry.

Check out the winners of the CleanSweep Awards!

Clean NZ Competition

While at the Exhibition, we also ran our freshOps competition to give away $2500 towards a freshOps subscription. We’ve always said we never wanted price to a barrier to using freshOps and shortly once the competition is drawn, one lucky business will be able to use freshOps for at least a year for free. the Clean NZ Competition will be drawn today and the Winner will be announced on our facebook page.