Cleaning Business Scheduling Software That Replaces You In The Field

So many cleaning business owners struggle to scale especially when covering Holiday, Sick Days etc.

Why? Because the second you have a couple of staff off, you may have staff to replace them, but weâve found the business owners can only replace cleaners with those that have been onsite before or one that they can get down to induct onsite.

What are the general things we discuss with a cleaner unfamiliar with a site?

  • Site Location
  • What time it needs to be done
  • Security Codes
  • Disarming Procedures
  • Light Switch Locations
  • Site Specific Tasks
  • What is due tonight and tomorrow
  • Customer pet hates


All of these items though do not need you as the business owner to be onsite for and hold their hand.

freshOps Cleaning Business Scheduling Software allows you to document all this information in a format that makes sense to a cleaner right on their mobile device. So all of a sudden, you can simply;

  1. Allocate the cleaner to the job he needs to cover using the freshOps web Portal and
  2. Theyâll have all the information he/she needs.
  3. The can travel to site complete the work
  4. You can monitor them from home or the office coming in & out of site and provide phone support if required