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Cleaning schedules aren’t always easy to coordinate and can, at times, turn into a confusing jumble of dates, names, tasks and times.

For many Commercial Cleaning Business they manage their scheduling in a mess of Folder, Paper Timesheets and trusting their workforce to remember where to be each and every day.

Keeping it simple and easy to read is key to a successful schedule.

We’ve all got a schedule confused once or twice, it’s easier than you think. Client calls up and asks when their next clean is due and we can't remember if it's a weekly or twice weekly clean. So you'll often dive in the Contract Folder to see what the Scope of Works or Proposal says.

However, not having a schedule can lead to missing shifts or being late and putting extra pressure on other colleagues. Although schedules are often quite set forget in Commercial Cleaning companies, any changes, often mean multiple phone calls or sms with staff back and forth.

Even though accidents happen and human-error can’t always be avoided it is important to put effort and time into planning and developing efficient Cleaning Schedules for your staff members in order to avoid these mishaps.



How to Create a Cleaning Schedule:

When creating a schedule keep in mind what you are trying to achieve and what you are trying to avoid: confusion.

Colour-coding and the use of columns can be an easy way to separate sections and avoid mix-ups. There is a variety of software and ways in which different people choose to build their schedules and each one tends to cater to certain people’s needs. Ensuring you choose the right software for your business is crucial to a successful schedule.


Excel Spreadsheets are a great way to build rosters due to the layout of the sheets themselves and the variety of functions you can use to create shortcuts for yourself and separate different variables.

While Excel is a must for some, it can prove difficult to use if you’re not used to it and in turn, can take an unnecessary amount of time. If you’re accustomed to Excel however and all of its features, it might be the best choice for you. Similarly, if the schedule your creating isn’t too complex, Excel might be a good choice.

However, excel spreadsheets aren’t the kind of schedules you may want to be sharing with you staff and a static rosters. Ideally we want a system that updates the team when things are changed, without having to re-send schedules built in excel.



Google Calendar:

Google Calendar has become increasingly popular as you can simply create a Visit to a specific date and colour code as you please. With the power of multiple Calendars, you can setup a calendar for each working or Client if you have a small team of client base.

Additionally, the sharing aspects of Google Calendar make it easy to email to employees as the “invite” function allows employees to accept the invite which then notifies them of this particular event prior to the start time.

However, when you have more than say 10 events in one day it can become very muddled and difficult to read. Even running multiple Calendars for individual team members or sites can still create a nightmare for you.

Therefore, if you have a simple schedule, Google Calendar is an effective tool but not so much if you’re creating a more complex schedule or to manage multiple team members or Sites Schedules.



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FreshOps Calendar:

The FreshOps Calendar has a number of extremely useful features and makes schedule creation quick and easy.

Unlike the above software, FreshOps Calendar allows you to create complex schedules and multiple events in one page with ease.

Simply filter & remove the unnecessary clutter, so you can focus on what you are dealing with. Scheduling multiple staff onto the same site or across multiple sites is simply drag and drop.

Integrated with our Mobile Apps, your team can access their schedule and see exactly when and where they need to be, what they need to do and verify what they did with ease.


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