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We all know how difficult it can be to come up with clearly defined and easily understood responsibilities for staff members.

Whether it be simple duty statements or advanced spreadsheets with every possible item we do, it can be very time consuming. So much so, many businesses just tell the team what is required and hope that they remember it all.

This is especially true for cleaning staff as their roles are typically, predominantly hands on.

So how do you provide your staff members with their responsibilities?

How you provide and train your staff on their responsibilities sets the tone for how they absorb the information and therefore how they implement it into their role. Regular access and review of duties ensures your team are always up to date which what is required.

How exactly can you create responsibilities for your cleaning staff and more so, ensure that they understand these tasks?

Paper checklists:

Paper Checklists or Duty Statements are of course the ‘traditional way’ - if you will - to keep track of tasks and responsibilities and provide staff members with a physical copies of any relevant information.

By typing out all necessary information in a Word Document or even a spreadsheet and printing multiple copies, staff members can hold a personal copy and refer back to it throughout the day and week.

You’ve probably seen them before. Were teams simply initial or tick a checklist of tasks that they have completed.


Spreadsheets, such as programs like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets can be a great way to set out clearly defined responsibilities and tasks in a grid layout.

The multifaceted nature of spreadsheets allows you to colour code, separate, and define your document as much as you need - perfect for assigning tasks to specific staff members and being as explicit as possible. Google Sheets in particular is a great choice as the emailing, sharing and commenting aspects within the program make it extremely easy to email or share the document with as few or as many staff members as you need. This is a free, eco-friendly option, whereby you need not worry about wasting paper, ink or staff members losing or ripping their paper copies.

More advanced version of the above built in excel can schedule tasks for each and every day of the month. As its most common for Commercial Cleaning Scopes to have varying schedules and frequency across the month.

Task Management Software:

Tools such Asana and Teamwork PM can help you make more time for the work that matters most which is service delivery.

Task Management

Using software tools to manage cleaning schedules will help staff see when their different duties are required. However, many of these solutions are built for more project management and don’t normally have the best mobile apps for your distributed workforce. They can though provide great value to the management team and office staff to manage projects. Here at freshOps, we use Jira Software each and every day to manage our task list and projects.

If done right though, they can most definitely provide a digital solution for keeping staff up to date with their duties.

FreshOps Task Management:

Another Digital option, which is extremely diverse in nature and makes managing tasks extremely stress-free is the FreshOps Task & Performance Manager. With the FreshOps Task & Performance Manager you can schedule tasks and responsibilities daily, weekly or monthly.

freshOps Task and Performance Management

What’s really neat is to be able to upload the specific Standard Operating Procedure for completion of that task to freshOps and even link to Video Content showing them how to complete that task. Doing this take SOP’s out of that dusty folder and into the hands of the team in the field that can access whenever they are completing a particular task.

Native Mobile Apps that also collect your teams Time & Attendance help your team keep on track with their Cleaning Duties across the month. However, not only can you keep your team on scope, you can have them verify service delivery and manage their performance onsite with dynamic Checklists and secure Photo Verifications.

Every Cleaning Company is different, therefore has different needs and requirements.

The main thing when creating task sheets or duty statements for your employees is to ensure you understand what exactly would best benefit the company's overall success.

If you believe a Digital approach would best suit your staff, the FreshOps App might be the best option for you due to its variety of functions and the ability to check in on your staff member from within the freshOps cloud based Web application.

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