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With lockdowns continuing to happen, authorities also seem to be scrutinising essential travel, so it is important we support our cleaners with some kind of documentation that confirms their employment and their requirements to continue to move around our cities, in even in lockdowns.

If you think giving a letter to your entire team is a good idea, today, we are going to show some Cleaning Operations Hints & Tips to send them out easily.





Hey, Marty here from freshOps.

So today, I wanted to take you through how to quickly generate some essential worker letterheads for your cleaners.

Now, I had a client recently who mentioned that one of their cleaners got pulled over by some authorities as they were moving around through the lockdown and they needed to provide proof of employment as a cleaner.

Now, that particular client didn't have ID badges or anything like that and the cleaner himself didn't really have anything to provide proof that he was an actual essential worker.

So the client wanted to create a letterhead, which I said, Oh, yeah, well, that's pretty straightforward.

But then he said, well it also should include things like the Cleaners ID and date of birth and not just be a generic letter. It's got to be personalised to that person.

And so I had to think about it. Normally, we would use use a tool called Formstack here at freshOps, however, it does require a subscription and the client needed something quickly.

Check out the Video, for the full guide but, we basically:


  1. Created a Google Form
  2. Created a Google Sheet from the Form
  3. Created a Google Doc with some form fields in it for the Employees Details
  4. Then within the form, used an Add On+ called Autocrat to merge from data entered into the Form, that was sent to the sheet to merge the data into the Google Doc and create and email separate Letters to the Employees that submit the form.

    Once setup, I suggest you could SMS the link, Email the link, Send it via a Chat app.

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