Freshops Becomes A Bscaa Qld Business Partner

freshOps is a BSCAA Qld Business Partner

We meet the BSCAA Executive Director Craig Pollard at the Ausclean Exhibition at the Gold Coast last year. Craig raised his concerns and plans on helping Cleaning Companies become more compliant with their Human Resource requirements like payroll and award obligations.

To that end, we thought the first step would be to support Craig and the BSCAA by becoming a BSCAA Business Partner.

How can freshOps help?

We’ve started to look into how freshOps can help cleaning business meet their payroll obligations. It seems every other day, I see a bad news post in my News Feed. The bad news being, another Cleaning Company being audited by the Fairwork Australia and having to pay back 1000’s of dollars in wages.

We believe, that all cleaning businesses need to forget about paper time sheets. Modern cleaning businesses seriously need to look to technology to resolve their Time and Attendance issues. The fact is, so many businesses are now using digital technologies in their daily business operations, that you just can’t afford to keep your head in the sand.


We look forward to a wonderful relationship with the BSCAA and it’s members. Our dream is to build a tool that all it’s members not only find valuable but a tool the reduces their Field Management Issues and Reduces their Payroll costs.

Do you think AWARD Integration would be beneficial?

Tell us your thoughts….