How Time Sheet Rounding Can Affect Your Bottom Line

Most cleaning businesses still receive cleaner generated time sheets via email, fax or even hand written forms slipped under the front door.  The new rules of business require businesses to be more competitive on price every day. It’s crazy how an industry that is approximately 70% labour, doesn’t track labour accurately.

Even simple rounding of Time Sheets can add a huge expense to your bottom line. Below, we’ve put together a simple Case Study, that demonstrates how quickly inaccurate Time and Attendance reporting adds up and affects your bottom line.


Case Study: How does rounding affect Clean Scene Services?

Clean Scene Services has 5 employees, who each do 5 shifts per

Clean Scene Services currently deal with staff hours in 15min blocks. So it’s safe
to assume that even Clean Scene Services’ most loyal employees will round up
when reporting their hours.

If freshOps can eliminate pure rounding how much will
Cleanspace Services save?

5 Staff x 5 Shifts x 7min Saving = 175min/week or 2.55hrs /week

14hrs x 52 weeks / 12 months = 12.65hrs per month

12.65hrs x $24/hr (Cost of a Cleaner to You) = $303.60 in Time and Attendance Savings


What is the monthly cost of freshOps for Clean Scene Services?

$89 per month + $54.16 worth of Shift Taps = $143 per month Cost of freshOps


Clean Scene Services Save $160.60 / month.


What would this saving mean to your business? Imagine if you had 10, 30 or 100 Employees.  In an industry where time is money, to the second time sheet tracking is extremely valuable. freshOps helps you to take control of your cleaning business, providing a new level of transparency for when cleaners are onsite, how long they are spending onsite, and what task they are completing.