How to Improve Your Business With Audiobooks

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I was on a online support session with a user the other day. We got talking about some of the struggles she had in her business and I mentioned a book I had read.


I asked her: “Have you read “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek?”

She replied: “You’ve got to be kidding, I’m too busy to read”

I responded with:  “Actually, I haven’t read it, I listened to it”

The look on her face was priceless, I think she pictured me with a cassette player listening to audio cassettes.


How many hours a week do you spend travelling or on the tools?

Whether it be commuting to your office, driving between site inspections or working on the tools chances are the answer is… a lot!

Smart business owners make the most of their down time by listening to podcasts, watching videos or listening to audiobooks that can help them to become better at what they do.


My favourite tool at the moment is Audible and it’s available on your desktop, smartphone or tablet

It’s as easy as opening an audible account, downloading their audiobook app, and start searching a huge range of books that have been converted to audio.  To find the best self help and business books I simply search Google or look at what’s trending or highly rated in the Audible store.

I listen to plenty of business podcasts too, and they always discuss books that they think are must reads for any business owner.

You can choose from more than 200,000 titles including crime, comedy, biographies, sci-fi and so much more…

You can get an audiobook of your choice, free, with a 30-day trial. After the trial, your paid membership will begin at $14.95 per month. With your membership, you will receive one credit every month, good for any audiobook on Audible. So for next to nothing, at the very least you may digest one Business Book a month.

So while I understand how busy cleaning business owners are, and sitting down to read, may just not be an option, audiobooks solve that issue.

Audiobooks such as the Start with Why and How to Win Friends & Influence People are brilliant books to consume while your on the way to the office, running between client visits, or while your on the tools.

Of course there are other Audio book programs out there, but I just prefer audible due to their range and price.

If you’re not a reader, which I’m not, learning and digesting this kind of content is really easy with Audible.

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