If A Picture Tells A 1000 Words, How Many Do Cleaning Videos Tell?

The rise of Video Platforms alone is a demonstration how much our appetite for getting information via video is growing.  Video is used every where from Online Learning, to Training Courses and now it's coming to your cleaning staff’s phones.

So if a picture tells a 1000 words, How many do Cleaning Videos tell?

In business we need to look at ways to scale our business. In other ways we need to be able to systemise our businesses so we can leverage that time and work on our business. As owners, managers and supervisors of cleaning staff we can find ourselves repeating the same instructions over and over again.  Of course Quality Training programs are essential to ensure your staff have the fundamental basics to be able to deliver a reliable cleaning service. However, with so many different and sometimes very site specific tasks to complete, cleaners can forget information about a particular task.

It can also require a lot of time from us when we are employing new cleaners. Training them in the way that WE clean.