New – Cleaning Task Verification

We kind of snuck a new feature under the Xmas Tree.

In December, with next to no fanfare, we released Cleaning Task Verification. Our latest feature aimed at helping you ensure that cleaning tasks are actually completed in the field.

Like you, we were really busy supporting and helping Customers new and old and just didn’t get around to saying

hooraywe’ve launched something new

So what is Cleaning Task Verification?

Well, have you ever had the situation where a customer has said that a Task, (lets say a microwave clean), “never gets done”! Which then prompts you to call your cleaner, tell them off. Ask them sternly to make sure that they do it next time.  Only to have the client call again next month, and say they still aren’t cleaning the microwave.

Hopefully, you’re nodding, and if you’re not you’re lying. 


Let’s face it, we’ve all had to stand in front of a client at some stage and plead that a task is being done. Sometimes the issue isn’t is it being done, it’s the standard, in which it is being done.

So how do we ensure firstly that Tasks are performed across the month, so that when we perform our QA Inspections, we are inspecting the STANDARD of the work, not whether the SCOPE is being adhered to?

Cleaning Task Verifications allow you to choose, how your team VERIFY, that they have completed certain cleaning task onsite.


Listed Tasks do not require any verification. They are just a Task listed for information purposes and may form part of your basic Scope of Works on site.

Marked Tasks require your team to mark the task complete on the freshOps App. Great for those periodical tasks that need simple verification and to help remind the team when they are due.

Photo Verified Tasks require your team to take a photo of an area or a particular item after cleaning. Particularly useful for tasks specifically requested by customers or tasks that your client may not believe are being completed.

Tag Verified Tasks require your team to scan a freshOps Tag to prove completion. Perfect, when used like waypoints. Track your team when they move throughout larger facilities, or ensure that an infrequently used area are always checked.

So let’s turn the scenario around the way it should work.

Client: “The Microwave never get’s cleaned”

You: I’m very sorry sir, I’ll speak to the cleaner straight away and update our field management tool, to ensure this doesn’t get overlooked again.

You then open freshOps change the verification type for the Microwave Clean to requires Photo Verification, and you mark the option to be notified if the task isn’t completed. The next month comes around when the microwave is due the cleaner see’s the Task (Clean Microwave). Now, to prove that that task has been completed, not only do they actually need to Clean the Microwave (crazy I know), but they need to upload a live photo once completed to mark that Task complete.



As a proactive business owner, you’d check the photos the next morning, and at least be able to know not only was the Task Complete but if it was completed well. At this point, you’re already ahead of the game. You can call the client, and advise them that the cleaner has cleaned the microwave he has done so at 9.47pm last night and here is the photo of it clean as per your expected standard. Prior, mind you, to the secretary arriving and splattering Sunday night’s curry leftovers throughout the entire microwave.

Think carefully how many times this could have got you out of jail.

The opposite result is that the cleaning wasn’t up to standard, and you could email the client first thing in the morning or even that night, and advise them that you weren’t happy with the standard of the microwave and will conduct some further training. Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to create a freshOps Task Video for your entire team about the EXACT process and the standard you expect when they clean a microwave.


Just think about how smoothly your business would run if day to day, ALL Cleaning Tasks, were completed as per the scope and your contractual obligations and your monthly Quality Assurance Checks, were checks on the Quality only.

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