New – Freshops Alerts And Notifications

Late On-Site and Job Over-run Alerts with Daily and Weekly Digests

We know how much you like the sound of that!

Following our philosophy of keeping things simple, freshOps Notifications keep you on top of any Late Staff situations or Job Over-Runs.

We also provide you with both Daily & Weekly Digests, to give you a full run down on your operational activities in the field.

Check out the set up screens below or try it out in your dashboard. Simply hit your profile (top right) and it is in the drop-down there. Have fun!

Late Shift Notification

Be Alerted if your team are late to a Client Site or Visit. Set the buffer before you are alerted, but then get notified instantly.



 Over-Run Notifications

Be Alerted in your Lone Worker is longer on site than expected. You can intervene on an operational issue early, or you might even be alerted to a safety to better look after your team.

Daily & Weekly Digests

Get the low down on your operational activities from the field with our awesome daily and weekly digests. Set what you want to monitor and let us do the work for you!

 Get in touch

To find out how this features can assist your business please get in touch any time. We love working with clients to help understand how we can use our tool in your business best!