9 KPI’s for your Cleaning Staff

Staff Engagement

  KPI’s are important; they can increase staff motivation and allow for a means of measuring your staff’s performance. The effectiveness of KPI’s lies in...

Create your Cleaning Staff Responsibilities

Staff Engagement

We all know how difficult it can be to come up with clearly defined and easily understood responsibilities for staff members.

Cleaning Schedules for Staff

Staff Engagement

  Cleaning schedules aren’t always easy to coordinate and can, at times, turn into a confusing jumble of dates, names, tasks and times.

How to Supervise Cleaning Staff

Staff Engagement

Historically, supervisors have to physically drop down to site to monitor staff and ensure everything is running to plan or you cross your fingers and...

How important is your Email Signature?


  Here's the deal, your email signature is one of the most important pieces of marketing you can do for your Cleaning Business.

How to Qualify Cleaning Staff Applicants

Team Management

 The thought of hiring again for most business owners is a nightmare. They hate the process, they get frustrated by all the time wasters and therefor put...

Where to advertise for Cleaning Staff

Staff Engagement

Advertising for new staff members, for any role can be tricky. The hiring process for cleaning staff however, can be especially difficult because unlike...

How to use Proposal Software to win Cleaning Contracts

Operations Efficiency

Your Cleaning Proposal is without a doubt one of the most important features of your business when you are trying to win new business which is why it's...

How to get more Testimonials to win Cleaning Contracts


When you're looking into buying or choosing something, be it a product, an experience or an investment, you want to know you're making the right...

Qualify your leads to win more cleaning contracts


Qualifying your leads is critical to operating a business filed with customers that rave about your service.      How so, you ask? A qualified lead is a...