Shutting down over Christmas and New Year?

Team Management

I received an email from a Supplier the other day advising of their Shutdown periods over Christmas.

How to manage Retail & Hospitality Cleaning Staff

Team Management


You don't always need more Contract Cleaning Customers

Growth, Team Management

There is a myth when it comes to growth that More Clients & Bigger Contracts will solve all you headaches in a growing business.

Is it time to ditch the vacuum cord yet?

Tradies have it easy when it comes to choice of battery-operated equipment. In fact in some cases it's made worksites safer, not to be restricted by a...

When it comes to CRMs, Keep it Simple Stupid.

Do you forget what lead you’re supposed to follow up or whether you sent that quote and feel that customer management in general is a headache? When you...

Cleaning Companies Must Innovate To Survive

INNOVATE YOUR CLEANING BUSINESS TO SURVIVE Many businesses in the cleaning industry are improving their environmental credentials. This is a response by...

Better People Management Leads To Better Quality

Staff Engagement

Are you the coach your team needs you to be? Too often when we talk performance, we talk about getting more from our team. But what if our team needed...

Task Scheduling & Verification Use Case

Issue: A User recently reported that their Cleaner was constantly forgetting to change the Urinal Tabs. Which lead to Odour, Uric Acid buildup in the...

Time and Attendance Notifications

Get Notified and Stay up to Date You can now setup Time and Attendance Notifications that will alert you of certain operational activities in your...

Get More Cleaning Contracts, Answer the Phone


d against the call history. This was primarily so we could start to measure our conversions from our website and increase the number of cleaning contracts...