[NEW] Streamline your Payroll with Xero Integration

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We've just launched freshOps Payroll Xero Integration.


freshOps and Xero have come together to deliver the Cleaning Industry's most accurate time and Attendance records directly into Xero.

Say goodbye to paper timesheets, and time consuming and inaccurate manual data entry, so you can spend more time growing your business. 



freshOps is a Xero connected+ app (1)


What does the Integration do?

freshOps integrates with Xero in minutes. Using our Payroll Wizard, freshOps helps you not only connect to xero, but our Pay Rules Engine also ensures the right pay item is applied for each employee based on the time of day or day of the week to keep you compliant with any awards or industry payroll penalties.

You can also map your sites and Xero Tracking Options. Which means once setup both in freshOps and Xero you'll be able to run a Profit & Loss for each site you service.

Our users have often told us that Payroll can take anywhere from a couple of hours to days to process.


This is because previously they had to (OLD WAY)

  • Create Rosters in Excel or Google Calendar
  • Send/Share the weekly rosters and schedule to their team each week
  • Chase employees for their timesheets via various methods such as email, SMS, or even fax.
  • Collate these Timesheets from multiple sources into 1 Spreadsheet.
  • Analyse the times of day and day of the week
  • Total the hours worked for each different pay rate
  • Then manually enter these totals into the Xero Payrun with blanket pay period hours.
  • Others were populating Xero Timesheets with the times for each and every site and shift for the their team for better reporting within Xero, however, this took even longer again.
  • Often weren't even using the Xero Tracking Features


The Xero Integration means the (NEW WAY)

  • Timesheets already collected as your team Check In & Out of freshOps are passed through the Pay Rules Engine
  • Then exported with a click of button straight into Xero Timesheets while ensuring the correct Tracking options are also passed
  • So that you can run a Profit & Loss in Xero by all you Tracking Options/Sites.


Some of our users have already seen payroll go from 4 - 5 hours to as little as 25 minutes. So you can imagine how excited they are by the thought of what they can achieve with that time back.


To learn more about the Integration, check out our Helpcentre Section on the Xero Integration



About Xero?

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