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A lead calls or submits a form, you respond quickly book in a Onsite Inspection to discuss their Cleaning Services and you then take a day or two to get the proposal back and they automatically reply that it's already been awarded.

Most of us would have experienced this before.

The fact is, you are not the only person they have made enquiries with. Most Office Managers will search for 2 - 3 quotes from perspective Cleaning Companies. However, the speed in which you respond to the enquiry, book in the Site Visit and return the Quote is absolutely critical if you want to Win More Cleaning Contracts.

Unless you have systems in place to manage this process alone, you may just be wasting your time with proposals you are never going to win. That may be because, someone else is hungrier than you are. They may have just been fairly free. Maybe they didn't have 20 different service issues or fires to put out today.

As a Small Business Owners you are also the Business Development Manager, so it is important that you can prioritise leads in your world to close more Clients.

Answer the Phone

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You may start with simply answering the phone.

Here at freshOps, Cleaning Business owners are our Customers. So we are consistently identifying leads, checking out their Website and do then perform Cold Calls.

What shocks us, is that at least 60% of those cold calls are never answered the first time. Which is concerning, because it makes us wonder how many customers call your business and you don't answer.

Each missed call is a Lead, Contract, Sale, Customer that you'll never see.


Schedule an Appointment

Simplify how they book a time to meet you.

Your potential clients are just as busy as you are. So it's naive it think simply calling and arranging a time to discuss their services onsite is enough.  Like us all, they'll get off the phone and have another issue to deal with and may potentially forget who you are and when you said that you would be there.  I'm sure you've arrived onsite before to a potential Client's surprise. Then the inspection is rushed and hurried, and you get the feeling that you are wasting their time.

Well that may have not been the plan, but without following up with them by email or SMS confirming when you'll be onsite, you run the risk of them not being prepared to discuss the cleaning contract at length.

Sending a simple Calendar Invite or using Meeting Software such as Calendly or Hubspot Meetings, can simplify this process, and ensure you've both got time set aside in your calendar to discuss what is required. You can even go as far as using and have Clare book a meeting for you.

At the very least, if you do call the lead to book in a time, log the Time in your Calendar and ensure you send them a Meeting Invite. This ensures they remember when you're coming and who you are. Office Managers are busy people and the last thing you want is for them to forget what time you are arriving and being pre-occupied with other stuff.


Submit Cleaning Contract proposal

Establish when they expect a Proposal

Simple questions that can help you prioritise which proposals to do first and when to get them back to Leads are very helpful.

When would you need the Proposal by?

When are you looking to commence the Cleaning Contract?

When are you looking to make a decision by?

Are all questions, that can set and identify key moments in the process. Plus, when you deliver the proposal on time, and follow up at the key times that were discussed, it demonstrates to the Client how organised you are.  After all, if you're this organised, I wonder what the cleaning services are like.


Get it fast regardless

Regardless on when the client expects it, getting it to them fast again highlights how efficient, organised and keen you are.  It also means your proposal, with your logo and company brand sits front of mind for longer while they wait for the 3 quotes they may need.

However, don't under bake the proposal for speed. Proposal software, can ensure the creation process takes minutes not hours and so all you have to focus on is getting the calculations right.


Business growth is often about the small incremental gains. So if small changes here mean you convert 1 more contract per month, than the outcomes of these incremental changes are huge and will definitely see you win more Cleaning Contracts.


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