Shutting down over Christmas and New Year?

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I received an email from a Supplier the other day advising of their Shutdown periods over Christmas.

On the one hand I was very impressed that they were so organised and on the other it freaked me out as 2018 will soon be a distant memory.

While we've been busy planning our 2019 at freshOps, it lead me to wonder how far in advance are most cleaning businesses planning ahead.

Do you have a plan for your business in 2019 or is even the thought of Christmas something you'd rather not think about?

Planning is really important, especially when it comes to staff. The sooner you know your clients requirements the better. As it's really great to be able to give our workers plenty of notice, so they too can plan their holidays and time with friends and family.

That's right, they too have family, friends and would like to make plans.

Many businesses shut down but we all have a heap of clients that it's business as usual so make sure you know how your employees are to be paid across the break. Your local industry body should be the first place to get up to date with your requirements and staff entitlements.

Shutting down over Christmas and New Year? The end of 2018 is fast approaching and it's time to start thinking about what happens over Christmas and New Year. Many businesses shut down or run on skeleton staff over the Christmas and New Year period. How employees are paid over this period depends on: the award or agreement they're covered by whether they're working or on leave.

For so many businesses contacting all their customers to get the operational hours is a nightmare, but here are some tips to streamline that process.


  1. Create a Google Form
  2. Choose to send responses to a Google Spreadsheet
  3. Copy the Form URL
  4. Send this to all your Customers

They'll simply complete a form online in the browser and all the details that you need are collected neatly in one place.


Shutdown Form



If you'd like to checkout our own form you can find it here . This took me about 15min to put together, so it's really simple. 


You can obvioulsy expand on the questions and requirements, but it highlights how easily we can create an Online Form and start getting response.



Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 2.12.41 pm


While this might not be perfect for all your Customers, for those that you know will close down, this is the perfect way to collect all this data quickly into one place.

For those that require more sophistication, tools like WuFoo Forms also integrates with a range of CRM's so you can collect the data straight into your Clients fill in your CRM. You could also use a tool like Survey Monkey to send and collate your answers.

Whatever your poison, have a think whether a couple of hours upfront, could save you days closer to Christmas when you should really be our buying the perfect Xmas Gift for that someone special.





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