Smartphone Ownership Growth Will Kill The freshops Employee Portal?

We’ve noticed less and less users being worried about their staff having smartphones over recent years.

Yump, a digital agency in Melbourne and Sydney has summed up the increase in smartphone adoption very well. Since 2013, ownership has increased from 11.1million to 15.3million. Recent reports show that Smartphone usage overtook desktop usage in 2014 and continues to rise.

So why may smartphone usage lead to the death of the freshOps Employee Portal?

Well, we built the portal for those users that weren’t smartphone users. While we have an ageing workforce in Australia, older employees are seeing the benefits of having a smartphone; for work for one, but to share and take photos, chat with family and friends and stay connected to those around them. And Millennials, just expect a mobile-first experience, as mobile technology is just a way of life for them.  So while many users were having to consider their non-mobile options when looking for Time & Attendance and Field Management Software, their concerns are dwindling, as this technology is moving so fast.

Many still have minor concerns with rural and older workforces, however, they understand, if they are going to continue to be competitive into the future, a mobile-first strategy must be in place for their businesses and their teams.

91% of mobile users look up information while in a middle of a task, so we are using our phones to help us in every aspect of our lives, and using smartphones in the workplace is no different. With freshOps, your team can refer to Site Inductions, Site Safety Information, Standard Operating Procedures, and their Task List, while also reporting a huge amount of data back to you. Your employees are more than capable and often thrive when employers put information into their hands on mobile first.  Employees don’t want paper checklists or have to report their timesheets via fax, email or text, that just something else they have to do, while not being paid.

Mobile-first technology ensures you are future proofing your business and will in the future attract the best staff, who embrace this technology and understand the benefits to them as employees.


Unfortunately, the excuse of “I’m not that tech savvy” will shortly just not hold up.


Your competitors are moving forward, and moving fast, and although this kind of technology has been slow hitting the Cleaning & Facilities Industries, it’s catching up quickly. I’m often amazed at the differences between service providers. Some use tools like Slack, or WhatsApp to easily communicate with their team, they are savvy on email, running zero inboxes and use appointment setting plugin, they use Cloud Based Accounting Suits, CRM Tools, Online Learning Platforms and Email Automation Tools. If this all seems like gibberish to you, it won’t be soon. These are the new tools that businesses are using, as there are now new rules to running a small business. Successful small businesses are now savvy, social and agile.

At freshOps we not only help users with their Time & Attendance & Field Management, but our relationships with businesses like Your Digital Solution mean we also help them with all the other technology mumbo jumbo.

So will your entire workforce be mobile first in the next 1-2 years?


We definitely think so….