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Digital Record Keeping essential to scale your team

Half a decade ago workforce information and details like client profiles, work schedule, job descriptions and other important data for business use were archived through hard copies and a lot of paperwork.

This process meant that tracking, searching and storing every detail of your workforce took time and patience from the human resources department and operations departments. With the emergence of web-based technology, a lot of management tools have been developed that can integrate into the business’ other systems and eliminate handling and rekeying of the same data.

Previously the domain of large companies, Software As A Service platforms like can help even solo operators play like the big guys. YOu can now readily access and easily manage data as required without any losses, miscalculation, and misinformation.

The great competitive advantage is that not all companies are using these tools. In fact, less than 20% of them do, meaning that the companies that adopt these tools now will have an advantage for some time.  And those who have used it has already are gaining ground on you if you haven’t begun.

Where Workforce Management Software helps

Workforce management software integrates with a range of other data, outputs, surveys and information gathering from business activities. We take the data from collected when managing clients, employees, and teams.

The goal is to automate as much of the time-consuming tasks in the business created when you employ staff. Areas such as scheduling of staff, delegating tasks, time management of teams, team creation, job order monitoring, and job assignments is shifted from being done manually to having many steps handled automatically.

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Choosing a platform over a bespoke solution

While it takes time, to come up with a single integrated solution, a platform like can help you short-cut creating your own. The platform is already the sum of many clients’ thoughts and a collection of best practice approaches out of the box.

And because it has been field tested by existing clients, in fact, it is created with our current clients, new clients get the benefit of all their experience. Using this software to run your business as you grow your team has never been easier.

And monitoring all the activity around job delegation, time scheduling and staff rotation is captured live and put on file for management purposes. Being web-based information means we can also integrate it readily with other systems, and that means all information gathered is being synchronized with other data.

For example, job assignments and work schedule can now be seen as one data set to monitor, or seeing the data all in one place can make it simpler to create and delegate jobs to your team.

Better data = Better decisions

In a growing business, there are a lot of moving parts. Being able to capture the exact time certain tasks take for certain team members, or for certain sites allows management to more accurately estimate in future. With margins being squeezed you can use better estimating to help you ensure you keep jobs profitable and identify any areas where you may be over-allowing effort. You can also readily estimate when it is better to walk away from a job than persist in winning it, only to find it has cost the business hard-won profit.

All this data for all projects, sites, clients and staff can be retrieved and studied anytime to create forecasts on projects of upcoming workloads, allow for seasonality, set realistic timelines for clients and calculate workers required.

Employees win too

For employees working remotely with limited direct access to ongoing training or management, the provision of efficient business operations and scheduling tool becomes vital. Ensuring the right skills are at the right place at the right time ensures customer expectations are set correctly and met more readily. All the while preserving profitability.

With a workforce management system like there should not be a time where the supply of effort from the team is not correctly the demand from clients. Leading to a smoother day at the office for all, whether that be in HQ or out on-site.

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