How to Systemise your Cleaning Business in 30 Days without a Spreadsheet or Paper Checklist



Have you been craving growth in your cleaning business?

Let's look at how you can really systemise your business in the next 30 days without a spreadsheet or check paper checklist

Like most business owners, you've probably got by so far with spreadsheets and paper checklists.

But today I'm going to tell you how you can really systemise your business in the next 30 days without a spreadsheet or check paper checklist in sight.

So I've been in the cleaning industry for more than 25 years, and I've worked in lots of different roles from being a cleaner in the field to a manager all the way up to a business owner. The one thing that we always ran into at all the different levels of running a cleaning operations was the management of staff. It's the remoteness of the staff that are working in the field unsupervised which always made it so difficult.

So when I got to the point where I was looking to grow my own business, I had an idea that I always wanted to try and track my employees a little bit better and know exactly how long they were spending on site each and every day.

So, I implemented a field management solution at the time that was came from another industry.

But one particular day the system told me that the cleaner was on site. But, when I went out to site, and their was no one there. The cleaner was long gone and as I drove off, about 500 metres up the road or saw the cleaner on his bike riding home. I thought, okay, that's strange and then checked the system.

Literally a minute or two later, I saw that he checked out and it occurred to me that that system that was built purely from GPS allowed the cleaner to check out when he wasn't even on site.

So that put me on a bit of a War Path really to actually look for something that gave me greater certainty that my team were on site.

That's kind of what led me to build a tool with a couple of guys called freshOps.


freshOps is built to manage what I consider are the fundamentals of running a cleaning business.


So we sat down and thought, well, what do we do as a cleaning business?


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What are the fundamentals?


We looked at the fact that realistically you invoice or charge your Clients an amount of money based on the time that you expect a group of cleaning tasks to be performed in.

So when you think about that, for most business owners, you actually don't track that time.

And you don't track the tasks.

So when I started to think about building my own solution, I didn't want to build all this bloatware and all these crazy features and mod cons and everything else.

I just wanted to focus on the simple part of running a cleaning business, which is making sure our team are onsite, they are spending the correct amount of time on site, and they have got access to their cleaning tasks, and we've got proof that they're completing them.

So if you'd like to learn how to systemise your business in the next 30 days, it's really about how do you know, hand on heart exactly where your team are at every point in the night?


Do you know exactly how long they're spending there each and every day.

The next part of that puzzle then is, how do you know that they're completing the task lists each and every day?

We built freshOps to be as simple as possible. This is because, you know, after years of being in the cleaning industry, my parents being cleaning business owners as well, we didn't want to build anything that was too overly complicated.

So we kept super simple, focused on time and attendance and task management in the cleaning industry.

If you'd like a 30 day free trial, we can get you up and running in the next 30 days and start systemising your cleaning business for good

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