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How to Systemise your Cleaning Business in 30 Days without a Spreadsheet or Paper Checklist


[NEW] Streamline your Payroll with Xero Integration

Growth, Operations Efficiency, Team Management

We've just launched freshOps Payroll Xero Integration.

Send them fast to win More Cleaning Business Proposals


A lead calls or submits a form, you respond quickly book in a Onsite Inspection to discuss their Cleaning Services and you then take a day or two to get...

Why your cleaning business is losing out on $1000s of Dollars


We are not immune to forgetting completely about old leads and clients that we've dealt within our Cleaning Businesses.

How important is your Email Signature?


Here's the deal, your email signature is one of the most important pieces of marketing you can do for your Cleaning Business.

How to get more Testimonials to win Cleaning Contracts


When you're looking into buying or choosing something, be it a product, an experience or an investment, you want to know you're making the right choice....

Qualify your leads to win more cleaning contracts


Qualifying your leads is critical to operating a business filed with customers that rave about your service. How so, you ask? A qualified lead is a...

You don't always need more Contract Cleaning Customers

Growth, Team Management

There is a myth when it comes to growth that More Clients & Bigger Contracts will solve all you headaches in a growing business.

Get More Cleaning Contracts, Answer the Phone


We did some research within my cleaning business to track the number of leads we received via the phone compared to through the website against the call...