Task Scheduling & Verification Use Case


A User recently reported that their Cleaner was constantly forgetting to change the Urinal Tabs. Which lead to Odour, Uric Acid buildup in the Urinal and Lack of Deodorising Smell in the men’s toilets. Not only that but the client constantly complained when they start looking tardy and no longer provided a fresh smell. One particular bathroom got much higher use and so the cleaner had previously been advised to change it as required. However, this was inconsistently completed.



Task Scheduling & Verification – The ability to schedule specific Tasks for your team, and then verify that they are done when required.



The User as advised by us, created 4 freshOps Tasks:


All Tasks were created with Photo Verification, and the Yard Male Toilets which got the most use was scheduled the First Monday of every Fortnight instead of Monthly.

We also suggested for that problem Urinal that they mark the option to be Notified if the task was ever not completed. In addition to just telling the staff what to do,

the client also uploaded a Standard Operating Procedure/Instructions on how to replace the Urinal Tabs


Within weeks, the issues with the Urinals stopped. Our user was able to see the photo verifications, date and time at which the photo was taken which was great to be able to manage his staff member. However, the really benefit was that the cleaner reported that the regular process of taking photos of the New urinal tabs each month, had lead to him remembering when they were due days before the system had advised.  We are creature of habit, left to their own devices, cleaners often fall into the habit of delivering only the daily tasks. Using a Task Scheduling Tool, created habits for the cleaners and improved the service delivery.

Once convinced of the benefit, our User rolled out more Task Scheduling and Verifications and has noticed a marked increased in the quality of work being performed on many of his sites.


The opportunity is for cleaning businesses to create lasting habits of high service across their workforce. If cleaners are given the tools to be able to perform their duties each day and have a consistent and accessible list of duties, and can also provide proof of completion that service deliver can only improve.  More importantly, your monthly Quality Assurance Inspections can purely focus on the Quality of the work being performed rather than whether work is performed.

Move the conversation from “Is a task being completed?” to “How well is it being completed?”