The Digital Transformation Of The Cleaning Industry

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Talking about digital transformation when it comes to commercial cleaning may seem an odd one at first glance. After all, cleaning is and always will be a people-driven business, so how can the digital age improve the industry?

There are plenty of reasons to embrace the digital age. Some commercial cleaning companies may be hesitant to move to digital practices, seeing it as a ‘big brother approach’. Or, they may feel it means more administration and paperwork for cleaning supervisors. However, embracing innovation in technology can vastly improve a cleaning companies business offering.

How can going digital improve my cleaning business?


There are several ways going digital can improve your cleaning business by streamlining your internal procedures, right through to providing real-time data for your clients.

Companies such as can offer digital packages specifically designed for cleaning business large and small.

Cleaning operations then become centralised and visible from your mobile, which is ideal considering most cleaning supervisors and business owners are always on the move. There are other general work sharing platforms which commercial cleaning companies use, such as Slack or Workzone.

You can use these paid and free platforms to monitor and book staff into shifts, see where gaps are and compare workers to ensure efficiency.

You can also analyse and check that the correct time is spent on each task and invoice accurately based on recorded works. This ensures that you keep cash flow and operational costs coming in.


For the client, moving to digital builds trust.

Whereas before, there has always been a bit of a leap of faith with regards to cleaning staff, their performance and hours spent, digital reporting now provides proof. Staff shifts are recorded and monitored, and any extra tasks can be added to the weekly reports to ensure that, if the hours are exceeded, they are paid for.


Cleaning supervisors can receive alerts immediately from staff with regards to sickness, injury or security issues which demonstrates a duty of care to staff and to the building you are cleaning for. No more finding out the next day a floor wasn’t cleaned because someone was sick, or not knowing exactly when and how an accident occurred.

Moving to a digital platform can also bring added safety and hygiene to industries where both are a priority. Aged Care Homes and Hospitals need thorough and regular cleaning checks to maintain correct safety and comfort standards. For example; aged care homes need regular room cleans and using a digital platform can highlight places which are accidentally missed, or where the care and attention are not as it should be. Moving to digital and sharing information with your clients also offers a level of comfort when it comes to correct payment and valid working rights and visas for all staff. Providing proof to your customers that you are taking good care of your team when it comes to hours worked and training given.

Any change to your business can bring feelings of apprehension and defensiveness.

But, when it comes to embracing digital transformation in your cleaning business, rather than feeling like your being tracked, flip the psychology. Use the data collected to improve and grow your business, increase profits, engage and incentivise staff and provide over and above reporting for your customers.




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