How to use Proposal Software to win Cleaning Contracts

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Your Cleaning Proposal is without a doubt one of the most important features of your business when you are trying to win new business which is why it's important to investigate using Proposal Software to Win Cleaning Contracts.

Too often Quotes and Proposals are knocked together with a simple focus on Price. 

The downfall with this is that the Customer has one and only one thing to focus on.

Yes, you may include a nicely drafted Cover Letter and include a detailed scope of work, but if that's it, you are missing a huge marketing opportunity.


Huge Marketing Opportunity

When we consider the funnel our Leads go through to become Customers, I believe there are a handful of touch points that we need, to Market why our business is different from all the other cleaning companies that this lead has had.

How do we get our Cleaning Business Proposal high on their list?


What is a Cleaning Proposal?

Well no different than most Business Proposals

It describes… What you bring to the table What you can do to solve another business’s problem How you plan to solve that problem The fine print of solving the problem (i.e., compensation, time elements, other assets needed to complete the work, etc.). The first thing you have to understand is that writing one isn’t so much of a science as it is an art form.

What I see is that most Cleaning Proposals focus too much on the Fine Print of Solving the Problem. But if we are going to set our Proposal aside from the others we need ensure we address the 1st 3 Elements very well.


More Stuff to Read Blah.

Addressing these issues doesn't mean we write more and send them a Cleaning version of the War & Peace.

"Off Topic Fact for you, War & Peace isn't that long at 560,000 words, the longest book ever is"

1. The Blah Story by Nigel Tomm. 3,277,227 words, which ends up being 7312 pages


This is where cleaning proposal software comes into play. Digital Cleaning Proposals give us the ability to include Images, Gifs, Video and pretty much anything you could display on a website.



Video in your Proposal


This then means you can demonstrate further to your lead,

  1. What you bring to the table
  2. What you can do to solve another business’s problem
  3. How you plan to solve that problem

Just saying on your website that the customer comes first, you are innovative, you have well trained staff, you have a quality service doesn't cut it anymore.

If you are using  Cleaning Business Software such as freshOps tell the customer about all the benefits of the software to both you, your staff and them as the client. You can include images and video content similar to what can be found our freshOps Downloads Page . This content was specifically created to help our users win more contracts by telling their leads how freshOps help them within their business.



News break, they've heard it all before. They've had the guy in the fancy suit promising the world. They've also probably had the cheap and nasty. Most building or office managers have engaged multiple cleaning companies in the past.

Basically everyone who came before you has promised the world and possibly under delivered. That's why you are here. They saw something on your website that lead them to believe that you may be different.

Your proposal is the opportunity to expand on that online experience and tell your Lead about all the cool stuff you do as a business to make those promises happen.

In many cases, this will be you secret sauce, what you do differently, your Unique Selling Proposition. The stuff that you may not want to share with your competitors openly on your website.

Describe the software you use, how you train your staff, how you monitor attendance onsite, how you manage service delivery. You do QA Checks, that's great, tell us what software or method you use to perform those checks. Less is not more in this case.

How do they get support after hours? Who is their Operations Manager? What is the escalation process for complaints? How do you manage underperforming staff? Do you have any Testimonials?

Include a FAQ in your Proposal, Don't leave them with any questions unanswered.


How do I get started with Proposal Software?


We've done some of the groundwork for you.


7 tools to help you win more cleaning contracts


I've used many of these tools before but also spoken to users that rave about others, but ultimately you need to check them out for yourself.

Without going through all the pros and cons again, I would though like to explain some of the features I think will help you win more of your cleaning contracts.

  1. Keeping your proposal on brand
  2. Once setup, the speed in which these proposal can be put together will change your world.
  3. Have a record when the proposal is delivered and opened
  4. Having a digital dashboard of the progress/stage of all your Proposals
  5. Ability to make it easy to say YES to win more Cleaning ContractsLeads can Accept & Sign your Proposal online, then complete Account Application, Client Detail Forms etc while they are in the browser viewing your proposal. 
  6. Mobile Responsiveness of the Proposals


Basically, if you are still sending Proposals using a Word Doc and typing in the scope of works and task list each time, stop, there is far quicker, pretty, higher converting method and you may just be losing out on $1000's of dollars.










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