What to Put in Cleaning Site Inductions?

Operations Efficiency

Most of the Cleaning Industry Associations now days are putting together their own Cleaning Courses to help you induct your staff like the BSCAA Online Training.  However these are more Employment Inductions and are quite generic.

The real issue I always faced was the specific site Inductions that you need to provide to staff. While its fine to give them a nice pretty fact sheet or induction sheet, it's when they are onsite, by themselves, that the need to access Site specific information.

  • Security Codes
  • Arming Procedure
  • Disarming Procedure
  • Security Panel Location
  • Light Locations
  • Doors that need Locking
  • Gates that need closing
  • Security Monitoring Contact Numbers
  • After Hours Contact Numbers
  • Which day is Bin Day
  • Where the Bins need to go out too
  • Where the DOSA is
  • Where they can Have Dinner

Once you start thinking about all these things, itâs a lot of information to give to someone once on a bit of paper, and hope they keep it safe and easily accessible.

freshOps has found many companies are Inducting Staff perfectly, but staff forget procedures and contact details etc in an emergency. However we allow you to surface this IMPORTANT information easily on the Cleaners Smartphone and upload or link to the other no essential information, so at least your staff can access it anytime.

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