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Advertising for new staff members, for any role can be tricky. The hiring process for cleaning staff however, can be especially difficult because unlike hiring someone for an accounting job who simply need to have an accounting/finance degree and or previous experience, cleaning staff require a different range of qualifications.

How to know where to advertise:

When considering where to advertise for new staff, you need to identify or have in mind the specific prerequisites that you need prospective staff members to attain - like an Employee Avatar. The type of work, the hours and the location will all contribute to the creation of that Employee Avatar.

You might be searching specifically for students, people with a permanent residency, their own vehicle, a smartphone or good literacy skills (written or verbal) - we all have our own personal preferences when employing new staff members. What’s most important is that you are aware of what you need from a new staff member and where about you can easily find this person. Look at your current workers, what are the traits that they all have in common?

Your business culture and your leadership style will also dictate the type of employee who will best suit your workplace. This might come as a surprise but choosing someone who fits into your workplace is actually an extremely important part of the overall hiring process. Employing someone who you can get on with and enjoy working with will improve the overall working environment and increase the chances of elongating their period of employment with you. If you have previously had bad luck employing students, it is important not to advertise on student boards or University platforms. If you, yourself are older and engage more with older people, consider advertising on Seek or LinkedIn.

Tips on where to advertise:

Don’t be afraid to adopt a new technique. If you have advertised somewhere in the past and it hasn’t produced particularly successful employees, change up your process. Don’t be afraid to do things differently and adopt a new strategy or use a new platform. Another important aspect of the employment advertising process is research. Ensure you research different platforms and which ones are most effective for the type of people you’re looking for.

Once you know your Employee Avatar, it’s easy to establish where they look for work and therefore where you need to advertise. Naturally, this Avatar will change for each position you recruit for, but it is simply a list of traits that you need to hire for.

  • If you’re looking for students, consider advertising on University Notice Boards, Job Boards or University online platforms.
  • If you’re looking for people with full time jobs that want to earn a little bit of extra money on the side, then maybe advertising on LinkedIn may be the best option.
  • If you’re looking for locals from your suburb, perhaps advertise in your local newspaper or job centre.
  • If you’re on a budget and can’t afford to advertise anywhere that costs you money, perhaps Indeed, Jora, WiseStep or Ladders are the best options for you.

There are a myriad of places to advertise such as print, digital or social media.

Where you advertise completely depends on the type of job you’re advertising for and the type of employee you need.

Understanding exactly what kind of person you need to join your team will ensure you look in the right places and therefore recruit the ideal candidate.

It's also important to treat the recruitment process with some respect. Most clients would rather you start in a month, with a perfect employee going into their site, rather than promising that we can start Monday and throwing anyone onsite.

Remember the lifetime value of your customer is the most important part of most re-occurring cleaning services. So take the time to recruit right, and you'll be rewarded in the long run.

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