Windows 10 Is Here

Windows 10 is well and truly here, however, many of our freshOps users are just starting at looking to upgrade.

One of our users have recently asked:


Not sure if we have asked this before but I am getting Upgrade to Windows 10 boxes coming up on my computer and wasn’t sure if Windows 10 is compatible with FreshOps yet?

The answer to that Question, is that upgrading to Windows 10 will not have any effect on freshOps at all.  freshOps is a Software As A Service that operates through your web browser. All the brains are on our servers, and you use your internet connection to purely access the data.

So whether your using Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or our favourite and recommended browser Google Chrome, upgrading to Windows 10 will have absolutely no effect on the freshOps App.

If you want to learn some more about upgrading to Windows 10, Should I Upgrade to Windows 10? from the guys at may shed some light on it for you.

If you have any concerns please hit up our Support Email and we’ll do our best to resolve any question or queries you have.